5 Free Apps To Help You Learn The Guitar On Android

In creative and artistic subjects, playing the guitar is a difficult challenge. However, in return for your training efforts, passion and courage, the results will surprise everyone. If you love the rustic guitar, why not learn your own guitar at home with 5 free guitar lessons below?
1. Real Guitar
If you own a real guitar and have learned a little bit, please move on to the next app as Real Guitar for Android is a beginner guitar lesson app.
The Real Guitar application simulates a real guitar, consisting of two classic guitars and an electric guitar. You can use Real Guitar for both Android smartphones and tablets. The App has multi-touch support, suitable for learning chords.
Real Guitar has 16 track loops available for you to play along, adding recording mode and the ability to export music files to MP3 format. So you can play on the background of familiar songs and record to share it with everyone.

2. Perfect Ear
Although Perfect Ear for Android is not a guitar training app, it is extremely useful for anyone who wants to play a guitar or any instrument. In short, Perfect Ear helps you develop two important skills that any musician needs to improve, such as beats and tones.

Perfect Ear gives learners lots of lessons about intervals, grams, chords and beats, giving you a better understanding of old music and being comfortable with home study. Perfect Ear also integrates more advanced level tests and standard reading. If you have trouble distinguishing the card, then Perfect Ear is what you need.
If you want to learn more about music and instruments, Perfect Ear can also satisfy the user by writing articles about music theory, help you write music, song composition more easily.
3. GuitarTuna
There are many mobile apps that help you tuning guitar strings, but GuitarTuna for Android is the best choice. GuitarTuna helps you to process bass, ukulele, violin, cello, banjo and other string instruments.
How to use GuitarTuna is as follows: you pluck the strings, the application will hear the sound through the microphone of the phone and tell how the note. This makes it easy to tune - for new users, or replace with hundreds of different wires for experienced users.

In addition, GuitarTuna also offers several other instruments such as the chord library, which helps you to play guitar at home with many interesting options.
4. smartChord
If you want to find an all-in-one guitar learning app, get started with smartChord. The smartChord for Android helps you learn the different chords and the guitar imitation finger.

In addition to reverse chord options, the fretboard offers many other value-added features, such as tone identification, hundreds of built-in strings, scales, and basic rhythms. You also have a virtual guitar to practice all the time with smartChord.
You can use smartChord when you encounter a strange sound that you can not recognize, or when you want to rewind, practice new rhythm, ear training, writing music ...
5. Metronomerous
Most of the Metronome apps on the Play Store are too generic, just for beginners and not as effective as you would like to improve your skills. When you reach a certain level of playing guitar, you should try Metronomerous.

Metronomeous interface is a little confusing, but in return, it is versatile and has many things to explore. Application integration to 8, 16, Triplete (three equal pitches of the same duration, commonly used to represent two nodes of the same type), set of 5 ... Metronomerous can be down to the 16th note or Triple , Mute the beat to beat the beat, even create a complex beat
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